With our tax trainings we help the companies to educate their employees regarding tax regulations, taking into consideration the nature of the company and needs of its employees. In the trainings we provide theoretical knowledge and also practical solutions based on the aim and specifics of the trainings.

Some of possible tax trainings are in following areas:

Tax trainings introducing current legislation and practice

Training which introduces changes in the tax legislation

Answering practical questions in the range of seminars

Tax trainings set up based on the client’s concrete needs

Arranging different trainings is one of the possibilities to keep employees up to date with applicable tax regulation and with legislation changes. Tax environment is changing rapidly and thus, it could be time consuming for the companies to keep up to date with all changes in complicated legislation and in the practice of the tax authorities. However, not knowing the legislation could generate complications with the tax authorities and keep the companies from using more favourable provisions foreseen in the law.