In case companies have tax disputes with the tax authorities or tax disputes in the court, we could help compose and submit objection or appeal documents and provide with necessary support and assistant throughout the whole dispute process.

In conclusion we could help you with following:

Preparing appeals and submitting them to the tax authorities

Consulting in court disputes

Consulting and representing in case of disputes with tax authorities

Explaining the problems and representing the client’s needs to the tax authorities.

Current practice has shown that the tax authorities have increased the tax audits regarding legal and natural persons, which means more tax assessments and additional burden to the audited persons. It is not in the interest of any person to agree with unfair tax assessment or control procedure, however challenging the decision of the tax authorities is time consuming and complicated process. We can help you to find the most appropriate, fastest and effective solution in case of tax disputes or in case of challenging the tax authorities decisions, so that you could focus on your main business activities.