Regarding Corporate Income Tax (CIT) tax planning, correct tax calculation, tax control and resultant communication with the tax authorities are very important.  We provide answers to questions related with indirect taxes both on the local level and internationally, help avoiding double taxation situations and optimize taxes. Also, we assist in case of restructurings, with finding best tax calculation methods, calculating company’s costs and income or with other domestic and international tax questions.

In the range of CIT consulting our main consulting areas are:

Working out tax effective domestic and international structures and tax planning

Planning the most effective way to distribute profit

Avoiding of double taxation

Tax consulting regarding transactions carried out by the permanent establishment

Tax compliance

It should be noticed that in case the company is expanding or planning to expand its activities to foreign markets, it is always important to find the most tax suitable structure and jurisdiction for new business activities. For companies that are operating in more than one tax jurisdiction it is important to plan, how to allocate income, costs and profit and also asses the whole cross-border business in whole. We help you find the most suitable structure, which meets the needs of the company and through which it is possible to optimize company’s business activities and tax costs allowing the company to earn more profit and decrease the tax burden.