We provide tax strategies and comprehensive consulting, which guarantees correct tax calculation, effective tax planning and avoid risks in the range of all indirect and direct taxes. Our aim is to help you be updated and understand details of all national and international tax regulations that in the present world are changing rapidly. We also help with all necessary communications with the tax authorities in case of tax audits or disputes, but also to find out proper and most suitable approach for you. It is also important to involve tax consultant in case of different transactions like refinancing of business, merger of companies, sale or restructuring of companies, as there are also many different tax aspects related with such transactions Together with our international partners we are able to provide tax effective solutions and help you with tax compliance also in case of cross-border transactions and business.

Our tax consulting services cover following tax areas:

We could assist you in different questions or problems and provide effective solutions regarding all indirect taxes such as excise duties, customs duties and value added tax.

In the range of Value Added Tax (VAT) consulting our main consulting areas are:

Finding possibilities to optimize (save) VAT

VAT consulting regarding complicated or cross-border transactions

Registering companies as VAT-liable persons

VAT compliance

With mindful VAT planning it is possible to optimize costs and through that increase the value of the company. Our VAT services include analysing and assessing companies VAT approach, indentifying potential risks and finding possibilities to improve cash flow and to optimize VAT.

International VAT regulations are complicated and often require professional know-how for interpretation to assure the correct understanding and implementation in practice.  Wrong implementation or interpretation of the regulation could result additional administrative burden to register as VAT-liable person in another country, abolish the possibility to deduct VAT or in worst case could result a tax debt and also an obligation to pay interest from the tax debt. Timely consulting could avoid all complications and make cross-border transactions easier.

Regarding Corporate Income Tax (CIT) tax planning, correct tax calculation, tax control and resultant communication with the tax authorities are very important.  We provide answers to questions related with indirect taxes both on the local level and internationally, help avoiding double taxation situations and optimize taxes. Also, we assist in case of restructurings, with finding best tax calculation methods, calculating company’s costs and income or with other domestic and international tax questions.

In the range of CIT consulting our main consulting areas are:

Working out tax effective domestic and international structures and tax planning

Planning the most effective way to distribute profit

Avoiding of double taxation

Tax consulting regarding transactions carried out by the permanent establishment

Tax compliance

It should be noticed that in case the company is expanding or planning to expand its activities to foreign markets, it is always important to find the most tax suitable structure and jurisdiction for new business activities. For companies that are operating in more than one tax jurisdiction it is important to plan, how to allocate income, costs and profit and also asses the whole cross-border business in whole. We help you find the most suitable structure, which meets the needs of the company and through which it is possible to optimize company’s business activities and tax costs allowing the company to earn more profit and decrease the tax burden.

We help to consider all individual tax obligations and related legislation changes domestically and also in case cross-border activities. Thereby, we also help companies regarding human capital taxation and in questions related with payroll taxes, which often are more complicated especially in case of cross-border employees. However, our international network and years of experience helps us to find correct solutions also in such cases. In addition, we can help with working out tax efficient compensation and bonus plans for hiring and motivating employees.

Our main areas in human capital and payroll taxes related assistance are following:

Preparation of personal income tax returns and related consultation

Tax support and consulting regarding cross-border employees’ taxation (short. and long-time assignments)

Working out and reviewing employees’ compensation and bonus plans (including stock option and other share based plans) and related consultation

Planning cross-border employees regarding different tax jurisdictions

Social security taxes related consulting, tax support and cross-border planning

Fringe benefit taxation and related planning

In present international business-world it is very important for every company to have right employees in right country on right time. Thereby, it is definitely important to consider and plan all different tax and reporting obligations for employees and employer in different countries to find out the most tax efficient structure and solution regarding assignment periods, agreements and other related aspects. We help to understand registration and tax regulations in different countries and provide necessary support service for planning cross-border assignments and also for being compliant with local legislations in different countries.

We help in all domestic and international Transfer Pricing questions.

In the range of Transfer Pricing consulting our main consulting areas are:

Preparing Transfer Pricing documentation

Reviewing Transfer Pricing documentation and practice (due diligence)

Cross-border planning of Transfer Pricing (cost contribution agreements)

Consulting regarding determining fair market value and arm’s length price for Transfer Pricing purposes

According to the Transfer Pricing regulations the companies are obligated to perform transactions with related parties in arm’s length. In certain cases the company is obligated to put together Transfer Pricing documentation and submit it to the tax authorities. We could help you review already prepared Transfer Pricing documentation and justify the applicable Transfer Pricing practice to the tax authorities. We also offer you the most effective and tax optimizing Transfer Pricing methods, which takes into consideration your business nature and domestic and international regulations.

In case companies have tax disputes with the tax authorities or tax disputes in the court, we could help compose and submit objection or appeal documents and provide with necessary support and assistant throughout the whole dispute process.

In conclusion we could help you with following:

Preparing appeals and submitting them to the tax authorities

Consulting in court disputes

Consulting and representing in case of disputes with tax authorities

Explaining the problems and representing the client’s needs to the tax authorities.

Current practice has shown that the tax authorities have increased the tax audits regarding legal and natural persons, which means more tax assessments and additional burden to the audited persons. It is not in the interest of any person to agree with unfair tax assessment or control procedure, however challenging the decision of the tax authorities is time consuming and complicated process. We can help you to find the most appropriate, fastest and effective solution in case of tax disputes or in case of challenging the tax authorities decisions, so that you could focus on your main business activities.

With our tax trainings we help the companies to educate their employees regarding tax regulations, taking into consideration the nature of the company and needs of its employees. In the trainings we provide theoretical knowledge and also practical solutions based on the aim and specifics of the trainings.

Some of possible tax trainings are in following areas:

Tax trainings introducing current legislation and practice

Training which introduces changes in the tax legislation

Answering practical questions in the range of seminars

Tax trainings set up based on the client’s concrete needs

Arranging different trainings is one of the possibilities to keep employees up to date with applicable tax regulation and with legislation changes. Tax environment is changing rapidly and thus, it could be time consuming for the companies to keep up to date with all changes in complicated legislation and in the practice of the tax authorities. However, not knowing the legislation could generate complications with the tax authorities and keep the companies from using more favourable provisions foreseen in the law.