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karinKarin Neemsalu
Tax Services Partner
Phone: +372 534 63422
Mail: karin.neemsalu@bba.ee

Karin is actively managing and responsible for tax service line and migration services in BBA.

Karin has more than 10 years of experience in tax. She worked more than 5 years for Ernst & Young with international taxation issues and human capital topics. She has being lecturing and published articles in different tax topics. Karin has successfully leaded many international projects, coordinating different tax, legal and other topics clients must face due to their activities in Estonia and abroad.  In addition to good knowledge in tax and migration law, she has very good administrative and communicating skills. Karin has bachelor’s degree in Tax and Customs from Estonian Academy of Security Sciences and is finishing her master’s thesis in Law School of Tallinn University of Technology.

Fluent in Estonian and English.

1Oleg Sejans
Project Manager
Tax & Accounting
Phone: +371 67379031
Mobile: +371 28345496
Mail: olegs@taxlink.lv

Olegs is a member of the Latvian Association of Tax Consultants and Olegs has more than 10 years of experience in tax and accounting. For many years Olegs has worked for the Latvian Tax Administration and Ernst & Young. Furthermore, Olegs has participated in many international tax projects financed by the European Commission and the World Bank. Olegs is professional in VAT, personal taxation and accounting as well as in administrative procedures. Olegs has a master degree in Finance and accounting, is fluent in Latvian, English and Russian.

2Andris JaunZemis
Project Manager
Tax & Accounting
Phone: +371 67379031
Mobile: +371 29635522
Mail: andris@taxlink.lv

Andris has more than 10 years of experience working as accountant and tax consultant. Andris has worked for more than 6 years at Ernst & Young with tax and accounting department. Andris has participated in significant number of international tax and financial seminars. Andris is professional in accounting, international taxation (international treaties, transfer pricing, permanent establishment issues etc.), corporate and personal taxation. Andris has a master degree in Finance and accounting, is fluent in Latvian, English and Russian, and has a good command of German language.

3Agris Nurza
Project Manager
Phone: +371 67379031
Mobile: +371 29882578
Mail: agris@taxlink.lv

Agris is a lawyer and is a member of Latvian Association of Tax Consultants as well as Latvian Association of Junior Lawyers. Agris’ work experience in provision of tax consultations exceeds five years as well as the experience in legal sphere. Before joining SIA TaxLink Baltic, Agris has worked for one of the leading Latvian banks and for the tax department of SIA Ernst & Young Baltic. Agris’ main speciality areas are human capital taxation and the corporate taxation.

4Rudolfs Vilsons
Project Manager
Tax & Law
Phone: +371 67379031
Mobile: +371 29226713
Mail: rudolfs@taxlink.lv

Rūdolfs is a lawyer practicing in the tax field, specializing in value added tax, excise and customs matters. Before joining SIA TaxLink Baltic Rudolfs has worked for the Tax department of Ernst & Young Baltic as well as for other international audit companies for more than five years. His main duties were related to the evaluation of corporate transactions from tax and legal point of view. Rūdolfs is a member of Latvian Association of Tax Consultants as well as Latvian Association of Junior Lawyers.

5Armands Podolskis
Audit manager
Phone: +371 67379031
Mobile: +371 28369888
E-mail: armands@taxlink.lv

Armands has more than 9 years of experience in the field of auditing. For many years Armands has worked in Ernst & Young Baltic audit department, including Ernst & Young Russia. Armands has led and participated in international audit projects. Since 2013 Armands is Certified Auditor.

7Jurate Zarankiene
Tax expert

Phone: +370 5 2779397
Mobile: +370 658 10343
Mail: jurate@taxlink.lt
Jurate has more than 10 years of experience in finance, with specialization in tax and audit. Before joining UAB TaxLink Baltic Jurate worked as a tax advisor for Ernst & Young Baltics over 7 years. Previously she worked for a local audit company and was engaged in financial audits of the clients.

Jurate is professional in local corporate taxation (tax reviews, tax diagnostics, on-going consulting etc.), international taxation (international structuring, transfer pricing, double taxation issues, etc.) and transaction tax (due diligences, acquisition structuring, sales purchase agreement, etc.). During her career Jurate has participated in a significant number of complex projects such as restructuring of energy sector, transfer of significant share holdings in the largest Lithuanian groups, major merger and acquisition transactions in Lithuanian market accomplished by private or institutional investors, etc. She also assisted companies solving different types of tax issues through all their business cycle including considerations on legal form of planned activities, efficient tax planning, revision and optimization of existing group structures, discussions on business exit strategies.

8Justinas Basalykas
Tax expert

Phone: +370 5 2779397
Mobile: +370 650 17900
Mail: justinas@taxlink.lt 

Justinas has started to gain his experience in finance area for more than 7 years ago. While being employed by local Lithuanian companies as a finance manager Justinas has improved his knowledge in providing and interpreting financial information, monitoring and interpreting cash flows and predicting future trends, developing financial management mechanisms that minimise financial risk, managing a company’s financial accounting, monitoring and reporting systems, conducting reviews and evaluations for cost-reduction opportunities, arranging new sources of finance for a company’s debt facilities, etc.

Before joining UAB TaxLink Baltic Justinas has worked for Ernst & Young Baltics, where he has improved his knowledge in tax area. During the period with Ernst & Young Baltics Justinas was involved in many projects related to corporate taxation in respect of both international and local issues. As part of the team serving local clients he was involved in tax reviews, different types of tax planning and structuring projects, ongoing consultations, etc. In respect of international taxation Justinas gained experience in international tax planning, transfer pricing, other issues related to double taxation, permanent establishments, etc.

Additionally, Justinas supports his practical experience with variety of skills received during his studies. He has graduated Vilnius University and Mykolas Romeris University, where he has acquired economical and legal background respectively. Furthermore, Justinas has graduated advanced master degree (LL.M) in international taxation in Vienna University of Business and Economics. As such, economical and legal knowledge with special focus on taxation adds value in his daily work.

9Edvinas Sutkaitis
Tax expert

Phone: +370 5 2779397
Mobile: +370 687 94000
Mail: edvinas@taxlink.lt 

Before joining TaxLink Baltic Edvinas worked as a lawyer for 5 years in local Lithuanian company and international credit insurance company where he has improved his knowledge and gained experience in law area by solving day-to-day legal issues and being a representative in disputes and negations.

Edvinas has been working for TaxLink Baltic since 2012. He has been involved in projects related to tax planning and structuring, international taxation as well as participating in tax due diligence, structuring group of companies, preparing transfer pricing documentation. Furthermore, Edvinas provides on-going consultations, analyses case law in the field of taxation. His particular strength is value added tax matters.

Edvinas has graduated Mykolas Romeris University, where he was awarded LL.B and LL.M in finance law. In addition, Edvinas has graduated advanced master degree (LL.M.) programme of European and International Tax Law in Lund (Sweden) University School of Economics and Management. Furthermore, Edvinas has improved his indirect taxation knowledge in Munster (Germany) University.

10Katazina Kozlovskiene

Phone: +370 5 2779397
Mobile: +370 675 05000
Mail: katazina@taxlink.lt 

Katazina has more than 10 years of experience in audit, accounting and tax. Katazina holds a sworn auditor certificate.

Before joining TaxLink Baltic, Katazina worked in international and local audit companies where she gained extensive experience in financial audit.

In previous jobs Katazina was not only doing financial audit of different large Lithuanian and international companies but she was also reviewing potential tax (transfer pricing, income tax, VAT, custom duty, excise duty) issues of the clients.

Katazina also has experience in carrying out financial audits of projects financed by EU structural funds as well as experience in overall management and quality control of these audits. In addition, Katazina has experience in provision of advice on financial reporting and internal control issues.